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Energy Healing from a Distance

Energy transmutation: Mind Body & Soul

  • 20 min
  • 2,222 Swedish kronor
  • Zoom

Service Description

The sessions are for those that have energetic symptoms such as ascension symptoms, spiritual attacks, energetic cords/ blockages, going through a spiritual awakening, dealing with their twin-flame, things of such nature/ caliber. Healing: Mind, Body & Soul in the essence of Soul realignments. With my expertise of tapping into your Akashic Records, in Swedish also known as "själsläsning" via Akashakrönikan; let the healing begin. Here are a few examples 1. Energetic clearing and restoration - Aware that you’re undergoing a spiritual attack. - Feeling like you're under a spell/bondage to someone or something? - Attachments 2. Ascension symptoms - Chakra-activations. - You are new to the spiritual journey. 3. Twin Flame symptoms - Twin flame sexual energy - Heart palpitations - Distorted telepathy - Energetic separation (on the 3D "physical" level) 4. Energetic cords - Karmics soulmate people. - Generational/ Ancestral blockages. - Twinflame catalysts - Karmic attachments Healing offers to choose from (depending on your situation), during your booking, write down your preferred choice as well as a brief sentence on the current issue/ situation. > ENERGY CLEANSING: is removal of negative attachments, entities, soul-ties, spells or blockages in person / specific place from a distance (online) > AURA Cleansing: Restoring your chi with healing techniques, and a soul realignment (consultation) online - remove blockages: mind,body & soul. > CHAKRA MEDITATION: Balancing out your chakras with meditation healing techniques to zero point and a soul realignment, remove blockages mind, body & soul (consultation) online. Language: Swedish or English May peace be with you, with love Thank you in advance. Acceptable payments 1. Credit card (online payment) 2. Swish *Payments in USD & EURO the estimated conversions are €187.56 $204.73 SV Betalningar sker antingen via 1. Kreditkort (online) 2. Swish Link to Zoom video call is attached to the session. Länk till Zoom videosamtal är kopplat till sessionen. Please be mindful that by law, I am only a spiritual energy healer - I do not work in the physical medical field. I advise you to take this into consideration when booking a healing session with me in relation to physical questions. ** Soultribe discounts are applicable here. ** Soultribe kuponger är tillgängligt här.

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