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What's included: 35 cards


  • 34 Affirmation cards
  • Plain white box
  • Deck sent to your location through MPC
  • Deck size: 2.6"×3" (66×76.2mm) hexagone style


  • Disclaimer: Press the link to MPC in order to purchase the deck.


Shipping time:

8 -10 business days

16-22 business days

Other: depending on your location



The actual tangible deck will arrive within the estimate shipping time that's tied to your chosen address/location of choice.


Description: Motivational & Inspirational texts

Inspirational and encouraging affirmation cards to get you through your day, in any form of emotion or trials you're facing/dealing with. I design it in a way for it to be used in either scrapbooks, collages, on your walls such as a private space like the bedroom wall - anywhere will do. You could just simply put it in front of your mirror or on your desk. May it bring you guidance and peace and encouragement as it has brought me, in using it, as well as making it.


The source of material is encouraging and motivational I wrote down from myself during my trials and tribulations and wanted to help the collective roundabout 2016.



Other prices

Euro: €31

USD: $32

SEK: 334kr




All rights reserved @ Brenda K Agyekum via BKA Oracles

Through The Pain

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