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What's included: 78 cards: tarot sized


  • 72 Oracle Deck: messages, symbols & zodiac signs.
  • 5 Affirmations
  • One "Thank you" letter.
  • Custom rigid box (gloss laminated finish)
  • Sent to you through : MPC



  • Disclaimer: Press the link to MPC in order to purchase the deck


Shipping time:

8 -10 business days

16-22 business days

Other: depending on your location


Description: messages, symbols, zodiac signs & affirmations

I design the cards for you to use within your own interpretations.

Some color changes have been shifted in this deck and some new symbolic cards has been added to this second addition. It's just a "Tarot sized" medium version sized deck. May it bring you joy guidance, peace, as it has brought me in using it, as well as making it.


Digital version: Png 950 x 1425

Deck version: 2.75 x "4.75" inches (70×120mm)


Other prices

Euro: €60

USD: $63

SEK: 655


*Deluxe Member gets one for free


All rights reserved @ Brenda K Agyekum via BKA Oracles

Spirit lead ^ Tarot version

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