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What's included 38 cards


  • 36 Oracle Deck: symbols & messages
  • One "Thank you" letter.
  • Custom rigid box (gloss laminated finish)
  • Deck sent to your location through MPC


  • Disclaimer: Press the link to MPC in order to purchase the deck



Shipping time:

8 -10 business days

16-22 business days


Other: depending on your location


Description: Text & Symbols

Message based tarot on ones emotions, their actions and current situations. I design the cards for your own interpretations. 

May it bring you joy, peace and guidance, as it has brought me, in using it, as well as making it.


Digital version: Png 950 x 1425

Deck version: 2.75"×4.75(70×120mm)


Other prices

Euro: €50

USD: $52

SEK: 550kr



All rights reserved @ Brenda K Agyekum via BKA Oracles

My Heart ♡ II edition

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